Tuesday, April 19, 2011

its we call friendship..

..what is frenship actually..
..an unique relation dat fill wit love,trust,loyalty..
..most important how to willing to sacrifice..

..nothing much to talk about..

..juz to say im ready to sacrifice myself for dat..
..yup..im ready for it..
..best thing i can do..
..juz to see da smile back..
..even from far..
..its worth..

..step aside n watch da happiness..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cbe b'syukur ngn ape yg ad..

salam..even tataw pd sape bg salam..kui3
stlh skian lame x m'update blog usang ni..
mlm ni ttbe rse nk mnulis ape yg d pndam dr dl ag..

its about something u dont have n u dream for it..

for some people , dreams lead them to the light..
but some people , dreams make them sick..
---> for me, dreams make me feel both..ahahah
depends on what n my situation..

okehh, tonite nk cte a little bit about rich people..
yup..rich people (RP)..
dri ini mngaku kdg2 rse jeles ngn rich people ni..

sbb ape???
sbb mostly they get what they want from their parents..
so lucky them kn..jeles i..
some of them ske mnunjuk2 ngn ape yg diorg ad..
some of them lbey ske b'sikap humble.. ^_^

i've met some rich people that laugh to people that not on their level..
they think its funny people still using old tv or them call them "peti sejuk"
mybe diorg pk bnda tu klaka tp xtry phm keadaan org len..

diorg pon gelak kt people yg xde transpot sndri n rse jijik naek public trans..
sgt menyampah ble jmpe org cmni..
tp nk wt cmne..tu pndgn diorg as RICH PEOPLE..

diorg ske m'perlekeh old stuff yg org len gne..
n diorg rse malu if diorg gne brg lme..even sbnr nye bnda tu bru ag..
for example, phone..ble model latest kua,
RP ni akn rse malu gne phone yg diorg gne skrg even boleh d kte kn latest jgk..

as what i've mention not all RP like that..

ble tgk RP yg 'RICH' ni, timbul rse b'syukur dlm dri..
nseb baik la xt'golong dlm golongan cmni..

yes, they have almost everything..new thing n so on..
but what about their manner?
they cant buy that..they have to learn n apply it..
so gudluck for RP yg RICH ni..